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Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the Terms and Conditions.



What if I purchase a permit part-way through the month?

Permits can be purchased at any time however permits are only active for the current calendar month. Permit prices are not prorated mid month, however you do have the opportunity reserve your permit beginning the following month if you choose and our Representatives can help guide you with any questions you might have.


What if the lot is full?

Although the number of permits sold can be controlled, Diamond Parking Services cannot control other factors which may impact parking availability. For example, the number of vehicles utilizing the daily parking at the lot is not regulated. As a result, there may be days when no parking spaces are available in your parking area. In this instance, please call the Diamond Parking Services 1-800-828-4197 and you will be directed to other available parking options.


What if I drive more than 1 vehicle?

Although you may have several different vehicles in your account settings, only 1 vehicle may be active at a time. To change the active license on your account, click on the “Manage Permits” button to bring up the most recent permit purchases. Click on the “action” button to the right of the active permit and attach the vehicle being driven.


How do I cancel my permit?

Call Diamond Parking Services at 1-800-828-4197 or email monthly@diamondparking.com to cancel your permit.


Can I get a refund for an unused permit?

Permits must be received by Diamond Parking Services no later than the 5th of the month that the permit is active to receive a refund for purchase.


Can I change parking locations?

Absolutely! Diamond Parking Services is dedicated to helping our customers find the best parking solution for everyone! Give our Representatives a call at 1-800-828-4197 in order to check availability of any location we offer. If there is availability within the lot, we can help you change permit requests!



How do I access my monthly parking account?

To access your account online:

  1.) Visit: https://diamond.permitpoint.com/Account/Login

  2.) Enter your email that was given to Parking Services when setting up your account

  3.) For your first time logging in, you will then click “Forgot Password?”

  4.) The system will email you a link to reset your password.
   This is your personal password to use for logging into your account.
   Parking Services will not have access to this information.

  5.) Log in using your email, and new password.

  6.) Explore your Account!

A. Manage Permits- View your Monthly permits/Request a permit
B. View Transactions-View your payments/print receipt
C. Account Settings- View or update your Basic/Payment/Billing/Shipping/Vehicle information
D. View Messages-View any emails from Parking Services regarding your account
E. Permit History- View permit history